Bare Conductor Manufacturer Aluminium The aluminum used to produce these cables is from first fusion, with a minimum of 99.5% aluminum ensuring with this purity a high resistance to corrosion. These cables are suitable in areas with high humidity and in places with high air pollution. These cables can be supplied greased, using a chemically stable grease and neutral against aluminum The range of bare cables for airlines is divided, depending on their use, in:

- Phase Conductors
- Ground Cables Bare Conductor AAC Conductor AAAC Conductor ACSR Conductor AACSR Conductor ACSR / AW Conductor TACSR Conductor ACAR Conductor ACSS Conductor ACSS / TW Conductor ACS Conductor GSW Conductor ACCC Conductor OPGW These are mainly made of Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy and Aluminum-Steel cables, these are replacing hard copper line cables since the last century.

ALL ALUMINUM CONDUCTOR CABLES (AAC) Bare Conductor Manufacturer Aluminium These cables are formed by several aluminum wires in concentric layers wired in opposite directions. (ACSR)Aluminum-Steel cables arose from the need to reinforce the aluminum cables by increasing the mechanical characteristics of the same, improving the coefficient of thermal expansion and ensuring a longer life of the driver. Since that time these drivers are the most universally employed in airlines. ACSR cables (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) are formed by wires of high purity hard temper aluminum, placed in concentric layers over a wire core or galvanized steel wire.

COMPACTED ALUMINUM WIRE REINFORCED with steel core (AWG-MCM) This cable is a classic seven-wire formed by Circular section Aluminum-Steel, in which manufacturing process is given him a sectoral shape to the wires of the outer layer.

eliminating the existing gaps. Its main job is in medium and low voltage lines providing the following advantages:

-Decrease in total diameter for the same effective section with consequent advantages in terms of wind action, ice sleeves, protection against humidity, etc.
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- Advantage to the connection, due to a larger contact surface Aluminum coated steel (Alumoweld type) is a bimetallic product with a pure aluminum coating on a high strength steel core, metallurgically bonded. The use of this type of wire is came of the conductivity that is higher than the galvanized steel and guarantees a corrosion resistance similar to the aluminum wire, so they can be used more safely than the ACSR in zones of industrial and maritime environments.

ALL ALUMINUM ALLOY CONDUCTOR / ALMELEC (AAAC) Almelec is an aluminum alloy (Magnesium and Silicon) used in conductors for power lines. The advantage of these cables against ACSR are: - Cheaper infrastructure due to:

Longer runs (less supports required) due to lower weight and high breaking load (arrow is less)
Better reuse of waste because it is a homogeneous cable - Easy installation
Greater surface hardness than aluminum (less shock sensitive)
Better tensile strength
Less weight, better handling of reels
Easy attachment of cable ends Almelec greased cables, both inside and outside, goes really well in installations near the sea and in areas with high pollution.

For those students with a desire to work with young children, an early childhood education bachelors degree online program can open doors to many different career opportunities. Such programs qualify graduates to work with children from birth to age eight in a variety of different settings, including preschools, daycares, churches, community centers, and more. These distance education programs make it easy and convenient for students to earn their credentials, even if they have considerable work and/or family obligations. In this ranking, we explore the top 30 online bachelors degree in early childhood education programs.

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To compile this ranking, our editors scoured the web for accredited colleges and universities offering an online bachelors degree in early childhood education. With an initial pool of 44 schools, we then turned to U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of the top online bachelor’s degree programs. This information, along with data regarding each program’s cost per credit hour as well as program features gleaned from each school’s website, enabled us to apply the above rating and ranking methodology. Please note that in cases of a tie, the most affordable program was awarded the higher ranking.

#30 – Southwestern College
Online Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education
Southwestern College’s early childhood education bachelors degree online program includes a standout course in Oral Language Development.

Points: 2
Southwestern College’s early childhood education bachelor’s degree online option is a unique BA in Early Childhood Education program. In addition to general education coursework, students are required to take an Exploratory Education core consisting of specialty course titles such as Educational Technology and Foundations of Education as well as Pre- Professional Education Requirement classes like Reading in the Elementary School, Oral Language Development, and Infant Development. Eligible students may be able to apply work/life experience credit to this flexible early childhood education bachelor’s degree online offering.

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